Grow Your Own Hip Replacement, Study Says

Metal-on-metal hip implants have caused such a stir in the medical field. With complaints about its complications and unknown risks, these hip prostheses certainly put patients in a dangerous situation. These stimulated affected patients to file hip recall lawsuits, for instance, Stryker hip recall lawsuit.

But a new research conducted by the University of Edinburg and University of Southampton may enable you to probably grow your own hip.

This is just the type of research that is needed by millions suffering from hip pain or osteoarthritis. If this will push through, there will be lesser demand on metal-on-metal hip implants; therefore, it is leading to reduced cases of people afflicted with its adverse effects.

In the United Kingdom alone, there are about 300,000 fragility structures in a year, while around 14,000 people die because of hip fractures.

The researchers in this study are trying to make an implant which is made out of a plastic material that would aid in stimulating a new bone to grow, and once the structure is adequately strong, the implant would degrade away.

It is in a scaffold where stem cells fasten themselves and they will eventually turn into bone cells rather than blood cells.
Currently, the research is still being tested on animals as well as on human tissue.